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 Beginning in 1999, Meiji University was the first Japanese institution to establish a sister school partnership with National Taiwan University. Through the many negotiations , communications, and effort put forth by previous directors, we have since continuted to form new partnerships with Waseda University, Soka University, Ochanomizu University, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Keio University etc. This outstanding achievement provides our students with various means to pursue short term advance studies in Japan. We currently have partnerships with 34 Japanese academic exchange schools and 21 foreign exchange schools.

Number of foreign exchange students
Academic year97969594939291
number of students2320211416146

For the latest student foreign exchange information and foreign exchange student quota, please refer below:
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By sending our students to partnered Japanese sister schools, they achieve a linguistic advantage. In addition to gradually increasing the number of sister schools, the types of scholarships geared towards foreign exchange students continues to flourish. The number of our students participating in Japanese foreign exchange programs increases year after year, having grown from a mere 6 students in 2002 to an astonishing 23 students by 2008. The following links present and introduce our department's foreign exchange students' colorful life abroad and give a reflection on their study abroad experiences in Japan. Note: The following only includes those students who wish to share their experiences abroad. The portion of students listed below does not represent this department's total number of foreign exchange students to Japan.